Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot

Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot

Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot –  I’m gonna show you guys the four different ways of how to be able to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S 9 and the s 9 plus. Now the great thing about having multiple different ways of taking a screenshot is that you never know what situation you pop in to wear one of these will just be a little bit more comfortable or just a little bit easier to take the screen shot now the first one we will be talking about is the traditional way of taking a screen shot which is the power and the volume down button.

So all you have to do is just press and hold on the power and volume down just for a couple seconds and then that is what initiates the screen shot now there’s one little small additional feature I do want to cover just in case if you need to capture more in the exact same screenshot so instead of you taking a screen shot here scrolling down taking another screen shot scrolling down taking another screen shot and now you have three separate images

Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot – I’m gonna show you how you can put it all into one now this is gonna definitely help out if you have a very long conversation maybe it is something that’s personal maybe it’s a funny story maybe it’s something that is legal reasons whatever the case what you’re able to do is when you take your screen shot in any of these four different ways you have the option down here where it says scroll capture and what scroll capture does is it allows to kind of capture more information that was pretty much hidden meaning that is able to scroll down and add that into this one image for you and then once you have all that done it also gives you the option that you can draw a crop as well as share

so let’s just say that you wanted to see exactly that one image that I took even though I took about you know maybe five or six different screen shots into one this is that image that you are now able to zoom into and you can use this as a reference in the future so here is one of the different screenshots here’s another screenshot that’s definitely another screenshot there’s another screenshot so you can kind of see how this will definitely come in handy now if your device does not give you the option of very bottom to the scroll capture you want to pull down the notifications panel

Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot – Click on the Settings icon this is where you click on advanced features and then underneath advanced features you see the option right here for Smart capture make sure that you turn on smart caPSURE because that is what this one right here states capture hidden areas of the screen which means that it’s gonna be anything that is below what you are looking at so once you have your smart capture turned on that gives you the ability to capture more than what is just on your screen.

Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot – At that moment in time now moving on over into the second way of taking a screen shot this is where it’s gonna definitely come in handy if you’re already holding the phone with one of your hands and you just want to swipe across the screen now you want to make sure that you’re using basically the palm of your hand pretty much karate chop it and you’re sliding your palm the very bottom of your hand all the way across the screen so you’re not just hovering over the screen you’re literally touching the screen from edge to edge and that is what allows you to take your screen shots now if you notice when I took a screen shot right now where that scroll capture was not an option.

it’s only because there’s no way that I’m able to basically scroll down this window of the home page now if I was on a different website maybe I was in text messages or anything else then it would give me that option for scroll capture now to turn on the palm swipe to capture again you want to move over into your settings you’re going to go over into your advanced features and then when you scroll down you have the option right here for the palm swipe to capture and it states right here that you can swipe your palm either left or right

Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot – It doesn’t matter which way it is and it is able to take the screenshot but you’re not able to use this gesture while the screen keyboard is on so if you’re inside of a text message and your keyboard has popped up this feature right here will not be able to work at that moment in time just hit that little down arrow when that little keyboard goes away now you’re able to take a screenshot with your palm swipe now the third way of taking a screen shot was one that was added in with the samsung galaxy s 8s a plus as well as the Galaxy Note 8 and again here on the Galaxy S 9 and the s 9 plus and that is with the big speed button

Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot – So if you have yours activated to where you just press it one time it’s able to listen to you or if you have it you know related with you with speech where you can say hey Bixby how I have mine set up is that I have to press and hold for it to follow a command so through Bixby I’m able to say take a screen shot and so now that’s captured you just hit on great and then if you want to check that on out you just all you have to do is head over into your gallery and then there is that additional screen shot you can see that we’ve taken a couple this one is with the additional traditional way this one is going to be with the palm swept to capture palm swipe to capture and then this one was Bixby now the very last way of taking the screen shot is one that’s just a little bit more customizable and to be honest it’s the one that I use the majority of the time which is by going over into the edge panel and with using one of the edge panels over here you have an option for smart select and this is where I choose rectangle

Galaxy S9 How to Take Screenshot – Now if you don’t have smart select added into your edge panel that’s definitely one that I suggest because in this way if I wanted to share maybe just this little bit of area here of these three different applications once you hit on done now you’re able to share out with the world exactly what you want to share if you don’t want your entire screen maybe this is just a football score a baseball score maybe you’re doing

some n-c-double-a you know March Madness bracket stuff you just want to share something on the internet and you don’t even care for it to even be stored on your phone this is where you selected what you wanted to share and then you hit on share now if you do want to have this thing stored on your phone just hit on save and then it’s just right back to the the everyday stuff of having a screen shot but I don’t want to bog down my phone with all these different screen shots when really in all actuality I just want to share something on the internet get something across to get my point done and then move on so once you do share this just hit the back button just a couple of times and you’re right back to square one where nothing is stored in your phone but you were able to get this thing shared on the internet.

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